Sunday, April 18, 2010

365 Project - Day 217 - On Set!

Day 217

Today was started off very exciting. As we set off looking for a restaurant to have breakfast at, I noticed a lot of trucks parked on the street. I recognized these trucks as ones that are used to deliver exhibits to museums, but there where many grips, pelican cases, and stands around them. Once at the next corner it was obvious what was going on, it was a TV or Movie shoot! I hurried across the street and started talking to the people on set to find out the details.

They were shooting a scene for a pilot called Ride-Along, written by Shawn Ryan, he also wrote shows like The Shield, and The Unit. While there watching the magic unfold I got to see a lot of the gear, learn some the logistics involved, and met a few stand-ins on the set.

Thanks to Mono for the Hot Coco, Donuts, and animal crackers, plus giving us the low down of what goes on when on set. Also a big shot out to Jeremy, who was a cool stand in on set. It was great learning about the process and seeing all the hands that played a part to make the scene happen.

Here is Jeremy...

A group of extras, who will come out of the building, in the scene, getting last minutes instructions for their part.


Have one image on flickr.

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