Monday, March 15, 2010

365 project - Day 184

Day 184

Today I tried playing around with off camera lighting and sihouettes using a snow globe. I love the dark line around the glass globe and the little specks of glitter. Originally, I went for shooting the light directly into the globe, but that caused a lot of reflection off the glass. Once I started bouncing the light on the wall behind the globe, I then saw the cool sihouettes and overexpose background [at least on the left side of the image.]. A interesting shot would be with two lights to overexpose both sides of the image, but that will be another day with a different subject.
Large version on flickr with strobist info. I am trying to make sure I add the 'strobist' information where appropriate going forward, that way others can see/understand my setups...however basic they are.


Ja mata,