Wednesday, March 3, 2010

365 Project - Day 172

Day 172

I went back the abstract objects around the house for today's image which is the inside of washing machine. It's funny that if I start to look for something to shoot differently nothing stands out, but the moment I take a step back and stop forcing the subject everything falls into place. Origiannly I had the flash on a box point into the washer but was getting too much shadow cast, and I didn't want to snoot it because the light falloff would have been a bit drastic. I ended up putting the flash in the washer and letting it bounce to the left off of the other sides wall. I ended up turning the flash power down to 1/128th power so that I could open the aperture and get a shallower depth of field. I ended up liking the focus fall off with the dimples.

Large version on flickr.


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