Tuesday, April 17, 2012

D108 - Fancy Brick

Oh Verizon, why must we be like this?  Today I receive a software update to my phone, nothing too fancy I would think.  After the update I get an error message and my phone is now a shiny thin brick. I run the brick over to Verizon, of course I look up a fix prior to making the run, to see if they can just flash the software and get me on my way. I can tell you it's not a good feeling when you pass someone your phone, explain the situation and the say 'Oh geez, another one, that is the forth one this week' and it's only Tuesday. In the end, they could not fix it and offer me to upgrade to the latest and greatest, I pass.

Once home, I re-Google the error, find a fix, flash the phone's software, and am back in business within 2 hours. I just love being able to go online and resolve an issue that looks pretty bleak in just a few hours and a little bit of reading. Sadly I'm back to factory defaults, but that is better than just having a brick  -Here is the link to the fix if you have a droid and it turns into a brick with the latest software update.


Ja mata, Brian