Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hard Cycle to Break

Tonight, I got home and seriously paced around looking for something to shoot for about an hour. Looks like I'm having 365 withdrawal, just feels weird that I am not going out to shoot and post on the blog. This will probably only last for a few days, I am too into the routine of making a post to actually stop. The only difference will be that I not have the deadline of a new capture everyday, even though some days there will be a new one.

The broken rock represent how I feel in a way. After becoming accustomed to a certain way of life for a year, I feel somewhat incomplete and slightly broken to not continue. Especially since I am so closed to fixing the break by shooting and posting.

On the other hand, I do need to break from the daily grind to focus on several other projects. Ones that have taken a back seat to the year long commitment. One of the new projects will be with Sara. I will work with her to do a '52 pick up', where she will take one photo a week [On her camera] and to post it online. I'm interested to see what she will come up with and how she will shoot it.

An additional project coming down the pipe, is a Twitter Campaign to raise funds for a local non-profit organization. Need to fine tune the details, and record a video before I can go into specifics. If that project takes off, it could could turn into a bimonthly event for different organizations.

Going forward I will give a wrap up to the project just completed, plus suggestions and tips for those thinking about attempting. Until then, keep shooting, keep learning.


Ja mata,