Thursday, May 20, 2010

365 Project - Day 249 - Creative Flight

Day 249

Funny thing about today's shot is I didn't even realize the theme of the day was 'Flight' and I just happened to hit the theme nail on the head. I wanted to keep with the thought from yesterday and let my creativity run to it's fuillest. I started out thinking I was going to photograph some flowers. When I got to a school parking lot I though about an image of me flying off a set of swings, that when I remembered yesterdays post. Skipping the flowers I drove to the back of the school, and tested the swing theory go, would be too tough to trigger the camera timer and get the hieght I needed in 10 seconds.

Next, I moved the rest of the playground and decided I could jump from the slide while counting down the timed exposure (10 secs, then a additional 3 before the camera actually triggers). While I was attempting my jumps, two people were at the school cutting the grass (one of them is in the final image!)...and I almost stopped but figured 'that's another excuse not to get the shot I want' and kept jumping and shooting. I had a blast trying to get the shot in my head, the image above was my favorite from the 30 minute fun time. Check out the outtakes them to see a them larger. This was one of the most fun shots I have taken to date and the most creatively free image as well.


Ja mata,



Dijea said...

Love it!

Karen Johnson said...

I had fun just reading this post! Great shot!

Breanna said...

What a great idea! Awesome shot!