Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dani & Brent - Married!

Dani and Brent had a beautiful wedding on August 30th at the prestigious Perkins Mansion in Akron. Despite of the early forecast for rain we were all lucky to have a gorgeous morning wedding. During the ceremony they had a butterfly release to remember those who where no longer with us. One butterfly flew over and landed on Dani's bouquet, which had special meaning to her. Congratulations Dani & Brent, it was an amazing wedding. Images from wedding are available here


Brian & Perla


Jaci Clark said...

Beautiful images guys! Great capture with the butterfly. That was awesome!


Laheelah said...

How Beautiful!!It certainly was picture perfect. The pics look like they came straight out of a bridal magazine. Dani and Buck both looked perfect and great..great job to brian and perla as well

ashaki said...

Brian & Perla what a awesome job, It was hot that day but you guys rocked!! I will sing your praises to others, Blessings and Peace, Beth

Catherine McKinley Photography said...

Yet again, another stunning wedding captured! You guys are awesome! I love the butterfly!